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7 Things You Should Know About Hail

With several severe hail producing thunderstorms passing through Tuscaloosa County and surrounding areas lately, the potential for storm-related roof damage is elevated and should be a concern to homeowners.

And, while we understand the desire to put off what may seem like an unnecessary inspection or repair, experts agree hail damage requires attention. If damage is located, repairs are critical in order to protect your investment.

Here are 7 things you should know about your roof and hail 

  1. It is likely you will never notice hail damage from the ground.

  2. The affected shingles will loosen the bond to the asphalt layer, causing granules to end up in your gutter drains.

  3. Once granules fall from damaged shingles, your roof will be more exposed to the various types of weather and will be at a higher risk for developing leaks. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can weaken the exposed spots and cause brittle areas on your roof.

  4. During climate changes, your shingles will expand and contract. If weakened by hail, your shingles could begin to curl and crack. These areas are more susceptible to further wind damage.

  5. Characteristics of weather damage differ as seasons change. It’s important to select a Haag Certified roof inspector who can tell you if the damage is new or older.

  6. Leaks can start small and may not be detectable without a proper inspection.

  7. Once leaks occur, the potential for mold, insect infestations, electrical issues, ceiling and wall damage can be extensive. In extreme cases, loss of personal property can also be a concern due to excessive water damage.

Why should you choose a Hagg Certified Inspector?

In the roofing and insurance industries, the phrase "Haag Certified" (HCI-R) carries a lot of weight. It indicates that a company can effectively and efficiently inspect and assess damage. Their report conclusions have a deeper level of credibility with insurance companies and adjusters. 

To become certified, Haag inspectors go through intensive course-work to become highly trained and proficient in applying forensic engineering principles to all types of residential (steep-slope) roofs. They have a comprehensive understanding of applicable codes, installation, weathering, hail damage, wind damage, maintenance and repair costs for each major roofing type. Additionally, the Hagg Certification ensures a top level of experience, trust and knowledge when working with insurance companies and adjusters for a smooth claims process.

Not all companies are certified to inspect

Not all roofing companies are certified to inspect which means they may not be properly trained to access your roof's needs. Even more so, they may try to convince you to make repairs or file a homeowner's claim when it's not necessary.

Do your homework and become educated before allowing someone to climb on your roof. Professional roofing inspectors will be able to provide proof of certification and will inspect your roof at no cost. Upon completion, you will be informed of their findings at which point you can make a thoughtful decision based on the life of your existing roof, costs and time-frame for repairs if deemed necessary.

Premier Roofing Co. is Hagg certified. (HCI# 201609151)

Call 205-361-5008 or email today for your FREE inspection.

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28 jun 2022

I would surely use these tips and find the best roof repair contractor near me.

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