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Fall In Love With Your Roof

It's the first day of Fall which makes it the ideal time to Fall in love with your roof.

You’ve heard us mention the importance of annual roof inspections for the overall health of your roof. If you are like most homeowners, you service your air conditioner, vehicles, and other items in the Spring and Fall. Your roof should be included on your maintenance list to avoid unpleasant surprises. We recommend Springtime to assess potential post-winter damage and Fall to clear off debris, clean gutters and prepare the roof for protection during the winter months.

Call Premier Roofing Co. to schedule your roof maintenance check before

cold, winter weather returns.

Your peace of mind starts with a complete examination of your roofing system and detailed feedback on the following areas:

Gutters are one of the most important parts of a home. Clogged or blocked gutters can be a  big source of leaks. If gutters are clogged with leaves, shingle granules, branches, and other debris, then water can’t funnel off the roof and away from the house. This can cause severe damage to your roof and interior walls. Additionally, if your gutters become jeopardized, they can be quite pricey to fix or replace.

Shingles can breakdown over time. Depending on the wear and tear of your roof, they can become loose, broken, curled, or warped. Other possibilities are damage from fallen branches, hail or other objects. Locating and staying on top of these simple repairs will help avoid costly water issues down the road. 

Vents are essential for allowing unwanted gases out of our homes; however the neoprene or rubber can become compromised with direct sunlight and age. Pests can also cause damage to any vented area on the roof. When cracks are located, resealing will fix vent issues and help keep animals and water out.

Flashings can contribute to leaks. An inspection will ensure that any area with flashing is properly sealed.  

By contacting Premier Roofing Co. for a maintenance inspection, you can protect the life of your roof and save money by staying ahead of major expenses.

Schedule your Hagg certified inspection. Call 205-361-5008 or email us directly.

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02 jul 2022

Roofing contractors must check flashing on the roof as it need to be fixed so that leaks won't occur. A yearly roof inspection by a roof repair contractor is needed to avoid flashing problems.

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