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Common Questions

Answers to All Your Contracting Inquiries

How do I know if my roof is damaged?

Most likely, you will not know unless you have an inspector look at your roof. Hail damage is rarely identified from the ground and although your shingles look undamaged, you could still have hidden damage.

Will the insurance company raise my rates if I file a claim?

No. It is against the law for insurance companies to raise rates or drop coverage because of a weather-related claim.

My roof is old. Is it worth my while to file a claim with my insurance company?

Yes. Insurance policies are written for the full replacement cost regardless of the age of your roof. If your roof is more than 10 years old, chances are you have weather damage.

Is this an insurance scam?

No. In fact, as a certified company, it is our responsibility to help you protect your investment against weather damage. We offer this service and our expertise at no obligation or risk to you.

You keep referring to certified. Why is that important?

Certifications take the guesswork out of an important decision when you consider how essential your roof is to your home and the investment required. When you see certifications, you can trust you are dealing with an expert in the roofing business.

How is Premier Roofing Co different from its competitors?

Premier Roofing Co is locally owned and operated. We have been serving Tuscaloosa County and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We are backed with a proven track record of quality roofing, provided in a rapid time frame.

Our team is licensed, certified, and highly proficient with all major types of residential and commercial roofs

What are your financing options?

We offer flexible financing options to best fit your needs. Choose between short-term or long-term programs including deferred interest, no interest, or fixed interest.

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